Increase the profitability of LTL freight shipping by 73%.
If you are engaged in LTL freight shipping or provide dispatching services, use our service Load Ninja and increase your business's profitability by increasing the number of orders and the speed of their processing.
Load Ninja
The software offers quick suggestions, maximizing load opportunities with real-time load matching.
Find a suitable cargo
Our service will select the most suitable vehicles in real-time, using intelligent distance calculation.
Select a nearby vehicle
Just enter the price, hit send, and leave the rest to us. Broker will receive all the necessary information in just one click.
Send automated response
Answer a few questions and start 14-day free trial.
Significant simplification of work and profit growth due to the automation of many processes.
Process significantly more load emails, keeping your drivers consistently busy.
You'll be the first to respond, increasing your chances of securing loads.
About Load Ninja
We use advanced algorithms to process broker emails in real-time and recommend the most suitable vehicles for each load. It's not just efficient, it's the future of dispatcher management.
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Dispatch Revolution?
Load Ninja
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